Julie Leroux

  • December 6, 2018
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Program & Level: Health Sciences III

When I registered for the McMaster Indigenous Health Conference in my first year of university, I did not know what to expect. My knowledge surrounding Indigenous health was limited to what I had learned in my home community of Timmins, Ontario, and I felt that I had so much to learn (and unlearn) about the topic. I gained so much from the experience not only by listening to the conference’s amazing speakers, but also through my participation in meaningful discussions about health, well-being, and community. Attending the conference in 2018 ignited my passion for this topic, which lead me to apply to the McMaster Indigenous Health Movement executive team last year. 

Of all the opportunities that MacIHM has granted me, I am most grateful for the countless learning experiences I have had through my involvement with this team. My hope for the 2020 Indigenous Health Conference is that it continues to bring together folks from all walks of life to have important conversations about the many facets of Indigenous health, and that we take another step towards learning, healing, and reconciling.