Jennifer Redvers

Jennifer Redvers

Workshop Facilitator

Jennifer is a Métis Dënesųłiné from the Northwest Territories now living in the Yukon. She holds a Masters in Environmental Design, a Bachelor of Science and various counselling certifications. She is an outdoor enthusiast, traditional hide tanner, researcher, and has worked in a many roles supporting environmental health, as well as helping both youth and young adults reconnect with the land and themselves. Her professional work has continued to employ Indigenous land-based learnings and teachings from her by her Elders.

She is interested in how the fields of ecology, mental health, and education are intimately interrelated, and aims to integrate across disciplines for practical application in northern communities.

Her latest research has looked at the health benefits and positive community outcomes from
land-based programming and practices, especially in supporting Indigenous resilience,
environmental health, and mental wellness in Northern Canada.

WORKSHOP TITLE : Supporting Mother Earth and returning to ourselves by remembering the Land connection

DESCRIPTION : This workshop will examine how important Indigenous knowledges are for informing a wider view of environmental health and human wellness. These holistic and long standing knowledges recognize the important interconnections between environmental health, environmental education, and mental wellness.

In northern Canada I often hear our Elders talking about the key importance of reconnecting ourselves with the land (a term which includes the entire natural world and all of our relations). Greater understanding and support for a land-based worldview is of benefit in western educational, health, and environmental sectors. It has the potential to increase our capacity and resilience to respond to the current environmental and health challenges we face today, including climate change.

This workshop looks at returning to Indigenous land-based practices and philosophies in a present-day context as a key ingredient for more effective work in the spirit of resilience and revitalization in Canada.