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IHC 2019: Tracing the Roots of Indigenous Healthcare

Land, water and tradition are deeply rooted values in Indigenous history, and continue to serve as pillars of modern day communities. They impact all aspects of life – most importantly, health. At IHC 2019, we invite activists, academics and community members to join together for a day of powerful narratives spent exploring the roots of Indigenous healthcare.

15+ Speakers

Including activists, academics, and members of the community all passionate about Indigenous Healthcare!

15+ Workshops and Sessions

Each delving into specific topics of Indigenous Health.



From sovereignty, to politics, to healthcare, the topic of land seems to arise in almost every conversation surrounding Indigenous communities within Canada. The subject continues to be one that is as impactful as it is prevalent; yet, Indigenous communities continue to face conflicts surrounding land, in particular, its unauthorized use by the government and for-profit corporations. At IHC 2019, we seek to frame the topic of land in the context of health, by discussing the impact it has on health outcomes within Indigenous communities.


Many Indigenous communities within Canada lack access to safe drinking water, creating a national crisis yet to be addressed by the Canada government. Such unsafe conditions have negatively impacted every aspect of health for these Indigenous people. IHC 2019 will seek to address this crisis on a local, provincial and national level through informed conversation and discussion facilitated by experts in the community.



The traditional diet of the Indigenous people was rich in fresh fruit, vegetables, grains and unprocessed meat, all of which contributed to positive health outcomes; however, the onset of colonization introduced many unhealthy foods to Indigenous communities across Canada, leading to the prevalence of health conditions such as obesity and diabetes. At IHC 2019, we invite health professional and community members from across Canada to facilitate discussion on the traditional Indigenous diet and modern-day nutrition.


Modern-day healthcare is an increasingly complex topic; Indigenous health, even more so. By promoting intimate discussions on the topic of Indigenous land, water and diet, among academics, activists and community members, IHC 2019 aims to not only raise awareness about the alarming state of modern-day Indigenous healthcare in Canada, but also create dialogue about how these problems can be addressed – both in our country, and in our communities.

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