Terrylynn Brant

Terrylynn Brant

Workshop Facilitator

Terrylynn “Será:sera” Brant (B.A., B.Ed., M.Sc., Mohawk Turtle Clan) is a traditional Seedkeeper from Six Nations, a retired teacher and university instructor of Indigenous Science. She authored “Culturally Relevant Aboriginal Education” and the column “In My Longhouse Basket”. She speaks internationally and at the UN on Indigenous Agricultural practices and Food Security. Living 25 years off grid, lead to building an Earthship Agricultural School at “Mohawk Seedkeeper Gardens” specializing in Haudenonsaunee foods, seeds and sustainable farming. She frequently visits indigenous farms throughout Turtle Island.

WORKSHOP TITLE : In My Longhouse Basket

DESCRIPTION : Mohawk Seedkeeper Terrylynn Brant believes that the health of the land, the water, the people and the earth, depends on the agricultural system we have. She will share her work at Mohawk Seedkeeper Gardens on Six Nations. Her work uses indigenous knowledge to create local food security in light of climate change, big corporate farming and the current attacks on farmland in Ontario’s Greenbelt. Será:sera will encourage participants to look at their own personal food security as the first step towards their own personal health.