Marsha Reany

Marsha Reany

Workshop Facilitator

Marsha Reany is a Youth in Transition Worker at Six Nations, assisting and supporting youth in identifying, developing and implementing an individual plan based on their individual goals. She also provides guidance and emotional support to access and navigate through the adult system.

Marsha advocates for youth and assists in accessing programs such as: assistance in finding housing, education opportunities, employment services and training, connection cultural knowledge; and activities such as: life skills training (financial and household management), health services, addictions and mental health, legal services, other social and community supports.

WORKSHOP TITLE : Indigenous Youth and Trauma

DESCRIPTION : Understanding the underlying issues and the impact of intergenerational trauma is the key to helping Indigenous Youth. The traumas that the youth have experienced whether it is in their own life or passed on from the life experiences of their parents and grandparents attributes to their wellbeing.  Therefore my presentation today will be include parts of my personal journey through the intergenerational trauma of residential school and sixties scoop and foster care. I will also touch on what I have experienced while working with Indigenous Youth in my position of Youth in Transition Worker with Six Nations.

An important piece that often gets overlooked in working with Youth is that typically the child and youth focused treatment plans rarely focus’ on the caregivers of the children. In order for the youth to heal the entire family unit needs healing.

The goal of this workshop is to bring awareness to what the past and present issues.  In listening to my story you will hear what lead to my mental health issues and addictions while identifying the role that intergenerational trauma has played.