Dr. Hannah Tait Neufeld

Dr. Hannah Tait Neufeld

Workshop Facilitator

Dr. Hannah Tait Neufeld is an Assistant Professor at the University of Guelph in Applied Human Nutrition. Her research focuses on Indigenous health inequalities, taking into consideration community interests, along with environmental factors influencing maternal health, and Indigenous food systems.

WORKSHOP TITLE : Wisahkotewinowak Gardens: Indigenous Land-based Learning in Southwestern Ontario

DESCRIPTION : The relationship that Indigenous peoples have with their unique local ecology encourages practices and traditions that perpetuate healthy communities. First Nation populations are becoming more urban, and over-represented by youth and children. There is a need to do food systems research that addresses the needs of these growing populations across the life course. Groups living in more populated regions of Canada have not previously been investigated as extensively, although lower incomes, high unemployment and loss of traditional food environments have been similarly found to contribute to food insecurity. Momentum is building and communities want to be involved in addressing urban economic challenges, and decreased opportunities for learning and social interactions around food. In collaboration with Indigenous faculty, students and a growing urban network, gardens are being expanded to strengthen land-based relationships and local food sovereignty. Using food as a starting point for action, a community-based research program is underway to promote conversations and opportunities across geographic and social spaces to forge and rekindle relationships focused on traditional foodways.